Reset the effects of screen time with Thermal MeditationTM


10 hours and 39 minutes

On average we spend more than 10 hours a day in front of a digital device.(1)

  • The use of screens has become nearly unescapable in our daily lives.
  • Screens are now the medium through which we access entertainment, communicate with others, socialize, and shop.(2)
  • It’s no secret that 80%(3) of what we learn is through our eyes.
  • Studies show that increased screen time pose risks to our mental health, sleep quality and eye health – our most valued sense.


Thermal MeditationTM Leads to Better Sleep & Eye Health

Umay uses natural Meditative HeatTM that leaves your eyes feeling happier, with a more restful and clear mind.

Redefine self-care and say goodbye to cold spoons, tedious microwaveable heat masks and expensive eye drops

“I LOVED the device and looked forward to putting it on my eyes every night! The warming feels great and helps me unwind and relax. I realized that I was experiencing symptoms but was so busy I hadn’t even noticed. Umay Rest is an awesome way to alleviate overall exhaustion.”

Kathleen Meyer

51 yrs old, Office Manager, Mom of two boys, 8+hours screen time

“I sit in front of the computer all day at work which causes eye strain. Then when I get home and it’s time to relax i’m usually on my phone or iPad and watching tv. By the time I go to bed I have very tired eyes. I started using the device at the end of November and can’t believe the difference it has made in my eyes. I used to use drops 4-5 times a day. I rarely use them now as my eyes feel so much better.”

Sherry Andrews

51 yrs old, Regional Contribution Agreement Officer, 10+ hrs Screen time

“I’m so elated that there’s finally something to help my irritated eyes. I’ve used drops in the past but the relief is too temporary and I wind up building a dependence/addiction. Umay Rest is so comfortable and relaxing that it’s almost a guilty pleasure. As a busy parent, it makes it hard to carve out time for yourself but since I have a reason to indulge, it makes it even better !”

Eunice Lin

34 yrs old, Freelance Web Developer, Mom of 3 7-, 10 hrs screen time

“I always underestimate my screen-time and experience eye strain as a result. When I first heard about Umay Rest I was excited to try it out to relieve my tired eyes. Then I used it at the end of my yoga class and realized it did so much more. I absolutely love the meditation function and hot/cool settings that allow me to practice mindfulness while taking care of my eyes.”

Jasleen Sidhu

37 yrs old, Personal Development Coach, Mom of twins, 7 hours screen time

Backed by Science

Umay’s patented technology is based on decades of research on thermal therapy to help restore eye health; combined with our proprietary Thermal MeditationTM. Umay helps digital device users find stress relief and reset the effects of screen time by resting the mind and restoring the natural function of our eyes.

Are you ready to take a step towards resetting the effects of your screen time?

A new daily ritual that redefines self-care

Designed to naturally fit into your bedtime, wellness routine or anytime time discreetly during the day. Umay Rest® is portable and comes complete with a USB charger so you can continue with your day wherever you are.

So go ahead, take that trip or long weekend with the power of Umay Rest® by your side.

Up to a week of daily use, complete with USB charger

Automatic timer and shut off

Gentle vibration patterns for guided breath meditation

Track progress and customize settings in the companion App

Lightweight and easy to use


Restore your eyes and mind with Thermal MeditationTM and relieve symptoms of digital eye strain, itchy and tired eyes.


Refresh with Thermal Cooling to help reduce puffy tired eyes and jump start your day.


Relax with Thermal MeditationTM, a guided breath combined with our proprietary Meditative Heat helps promote restful sleep, reduce stress and actively disengage at day’s end.

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